What is a Permablitz?

A Permablitz is an informal day of gathering to achieve the following:
~ create or add to edible gardens where someone lives
~ share skills related to Permaculture and sustainable living
~ build community networks
~ have fun
It is open to everybody who wants to learn / share and gets their hands dirty!

Each permablitz is part of a longer process:
a visit of the site, a talk to understand the owner’s expectations.
Goal: define a design for the garden, set the list of material needed for the permablitz.
Who: the owner and 3 designers.
When: 1 or 2 week(s) before the permablitz.

What: day of garden activities and other workshops like bread making, sprouts, wormfarm, plant learning...
Goal: implement the design and achieve a maximum of work within the day. Learn about permaculture and sustainable living.
Who: the owner, the 3 designers in charge and anyone who wants to be part of a volunteer gardening day.

What: day of gathering in the garden implemented.
Goal: follow up, get a view of the good work and see the progress, share our impressions, thoughts. Solve problems if there are any.
Who: the owner, the 3 designers in charge and the volunteers who took part of the permablitz.
When: 2 months after the permablitz.

There are a few rules to follow:

~ the owner: it can be someone (a family) with a garden or it can be community members who want to do something in their street. The owner has to take part of 3 permablitzes prior to welcome a permablitz at his place.

~ the designers: they are people who know about permaculture. Either they took classes, they red a lot and/or they have practice. The designers are in charge of the whole process, they list and collect the material needed and organize the events.